Welcome to the “Creating Inclusive Classrooms” Website

The Center for Teaching and Learning at Davidson is happy to invite you to our new website entitled Creating Inclusive Classrooms. The CTL has sponsored a number of programs that focus on inclusive pedagogy over the last four years. Our SACSCOC Quality Enhancement Plan is focusing on inclusive practices to improve learning outcomes in courses that are highly quantitative in nature and are primarily taken by first year students. This website serves as a place for faculty to share strategies they find successful in creating an inclusive environment in their classrooms.

We welcome any and all faculty to share successful inclusive techniques you have implemented, synopses of literature in the field, or information you gained from other sources, such as workshops. You can share by writing blog posts or videos that will be posted to this site. The initial videos on this website were contributed by faculty who participated in the QEP Learning Communities over the last several years, but we welcome everyone to consider video blogging, in addition to written blogs. We hope this site will serve as a rich resource where faculty can quickly and easily glean useful information.

Please let Ann Fletcher know if you would like to contribute a written blog or a short video. The CTL will arrange for video-taping and closed-captioning at a time that is convenient for you. If you are interested in contributing written blogs, you will receive contributor rights to the website.

With thanks, Verna Case

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